Samsung’s got another Fold in its cupboard, but this time it’s a clamshell


The Fold has not folded… yet. Even though Samsung’s initial Galaxy Fold was met with controversy, thanks to those screen issues, it was redeveloped and launched into the world. At its developer conference this week, Samsung tweeted a render of a prototype of yet another foldable device. 

Only this time it folds vertically, and not horizontally (as with the Fold). This shape is akin to the early-2000’s ‘clamshell’ flip phones. It’s a cool form factor – one that’s already alleged to show up in the rumoured Motorola RAZR phone next month. By folding vertically rather than horizontally, it looks (and will probs feel) more like the phone form factor we’re used to. 

A move to this shape could combine the practicality of the conventional shape with the Fold’s ‘cool factor’. That is if you’ve fallen for the foldable trend. It does seem more practical — you can fold the phone halfway to prop the camera up during a stream. Because it is smaller (or at least looks smaller) than the Fold, it could cost far less than the (ahem… R44k) expensive Fold

There isn’t much more that we know at this stage, because Samsung is just being a tease at this stage. Samsung says it’s ‘exploring’ new form factors. And it looks good… so far. 


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