Assemble for the most Marvel VR experience ever with Avengers: Damage Control


You know how it is. You’ve watched everything to issue forth from the Marvel storytelling juggernaut (including the various series), you’ve even done the Marvel movie marathon. What comes next? How about… getting into the MCU for yourself? Rather than taking acting classes and hoping you get cast, you could just pitch up at VR experience The Void, strap on a backpack and a haptic vest and step into Avengers: Damage Control.

Some assembly required

Avengers: Damage Control is a sorta-kinda attached-to-the-MCU VR experience that will let you get up close and personal with some of your favourite Marvel characters. Really. A bunch of the acting is being done by the original cast members (notably Dr Strange, Ant-Man and Wasp in the trailer below — also, Ultron?), while the rest of the voices are being done by talented sound-alikes.

Damage Control is a fifteen-minute long VR experience using The Void‘s premises and backpack for an untethered (but still a bit weighty) VR outing. Basically, you’ll take part in a multi-player VR event themed around the return of Ultron. Just what that entails is something you’d have to see to find out (folks who have been aren’t too keen to spoil it) but, based on the trailer below, there’s plenty of Marvel action to experience. Blowing up aliens, robots, and tossed-about vehicles sounds… about right.

You’ll have to decide whether fifteen minutes in the Marvel universe with some mates is worth $40 (about R600) per person for yourself. And that’s before you shell out for plane tickets to get there. This one’s not available for PlayStation VR or the various Oculus devices, unfortunately.

At the moment the experience is only available in limited locations, none of which are in South Africa. The Void is expanding soon, to another seven countries on top of its current four. Unfortunately, we’re not on that list either. But, if you happen to be visiting the States or, later, Europe, you could find yourself standing side-by-side with some of Earth’s greatest heroes in virtual reality.

Source: Engadget


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