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This month you’re in for a treat, because here at Stuff Magazine we are celebrating our 100th issue in South Africa. You could say we’re getting old, but if we were a sea turtle, we’d be very young indeed. Not only do we finally have our century badge, this month we’ve got some of the best tech we’ve seen in a long time. It has been a busy month in the world of gadgets, and we’re ready to share our masterful opinions of it all with you. Ready to stuff your face with the best… stuff? Head to our subscriber hub and commit to a year’s worth of Stuff (less 30%, yo!). Need a digital copy beamed to your phone in real-time? Check out our digital subscriptions page

Who’s afraid of the dark? Not us. But only because we’ve got some primo night-time tech to keep us company. In the November issue of Stuff, we explore all of the companions you’d need during load-shedding in our night-time tech feature. The list consists of things that don’t necessarily need to be wall-connected and can run for a long time without any strings attached. Because there are remarkably few plug points out in the darkness. We’ve also included the best camping gear, some untethered security measures and proper sleeping aids that’ll help you through this dark, dark time. Whether you’re after some A-grade noise-cancelling headphones or the best tekkies to run away from your problems in — we’ve gotchu.

Oh, how we’ve waited for the iPhone 11 to grace our presence. In the new issue of Stuff, we finally look at every detail on the new iPhone range. The coolest of which is the absolutely dashing iPhone 11 Pro. Apple didn’t hold back on its photography flex this year and included an additional camera sensor on the Pro design. Yeah, it may look a bit like a shocked emoji if you angle it just right — but here at Stuff, we’re more concerned with the internal workings of things. Night mode on the 11 Pro is spot-on, and the slow-mo feature on the selfie camera is surprisingly fun to use. Check out the full hands-on in the November mag.

We’ve also got a Honds-on review (yep, we went there) of the adorable Honda E as seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Stuff also reviews cars on a regular basis, which is why we have a whole ‘Wheels’ segment for y’all to browse. Our EV obsession has almost reached critical mass. We’ll never stop enjoying the fun perks you get from EVs. The Honda E, for example, features dual 12.3in touchscreen LCDs on the dash, some sneaky cameras on the doors that display your rear inside the car, and the most retro design you’d find on an EV anywhere. Check out this one, and other cool EVs we saw at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the November issue of Stuff.

Oh, hi there — you’re still with us. If you’re a compulsive collector of things, we’d recommend investing in this 100th issue of Stuff Magazine. You know, because it could be worth a lot more in a few years. Otherwise, get it for the badass and brilliant content available this month. We tested literally everything we could get our hands on this month, which turned out to be one of our biggest tested features in recent history. In the November issue, we take a look at e-bikes, the monstrous MSI Titan, the Sony Xperia 5, Xiaomi’s answer to AirPods, some mini projectors, the Fujifilm GFX100 and all of our favourite games atm. How do you get access to all these reviews, you may wonder? Get your copy of Stuff at your nearest magazine-bearing store, subscribe right here or get your digital copy here


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