TCL makes a device so nice it folds twice


Watch out Samsung (and Huawei) Because the Chinese hardware company, TCL has developed what is probs the coolest folding phone ever. When we hear the term ‘folding phone’, this is what we want to see. 

The concept (yes, this is just a prototype), has two hinges. The first hinge of the device folds in while the other one folds out — kind of like a zig-zag. When extended completely, it’s a tablet-like 10in display. They call this a ‘tri-folding device’, which is the fancier way of saying ‘a device so nice they fold it twice’. 


Photo:Tyler Lizenby/CNET

TCL had more than a few interesting folding concepts at Mobile World Congress this year. However, we didn’t see this one. The company also mostly exhibited single-fold phones, using something called the Dragon Hinge system that folds inwards (like the Galaxy Fold). But this time around, it combined the Dragon Hinge with a Butterfly Hinge, which folds in the opposite direction (like the Huawei Mate X) for folding in opposite direction. This allows the phone to open and close in a zig-zag pattern. 

When completely folded, it looks like one thicc smartphone. The tri-folding prototype even has a horizontal quad-camera setup on its rear. It looks like it’s ready for market, right?

Wrong. The prototype does not have a working display yet, which means that the company is still working on the concept. But you know what? It looks cool, and we won’t mind sporting one of these for a while. When they have a working display at least.

Source/Images: Cnet



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