Command and Conquer Remastered shows off its new look for the first time


Warning. Nuclear missile launched. Okay, so we’re not quite there yet but the folks over at Petroglyph Games have released their first footage of Command and Conquer Remastered. We’re not completely convinced yet but anything that’ll get us back in the fight against the Brotherhood of Nod is welcome.

Starting small

There isn’t a massive amount to see in the gameplay teaser (above). There are a few short seconds of OG Command and Conquer footage (with a very neatly laid-out base, we could add) followed quickly by the new, updated look. And the new look looks mighty good to us. There aren’t huge changes incoming, other than higher resolution buildings, vehicles and people for you to… well, command and/or conquer. Which is largely the point.

The intent with this one was never to remake the game. Instead, the chaps at Petroglyph are trying to stay as true to the original gameplay as possible — something that’s a little hard to do since a lot of the source code has gone missing. Even so, they’re making headway. The final game will launch with textures up to 4K in resolution — but you can also swap back to the original 320 x 200 (that’s not a typo) resolution at will, if you wanna.

Although the work is looking good based on the little we’ve seen, there’s still no release date for Command and Conquer Remastered. Yet. We’ve got an ear to the ground and some troops cockroaching as far away from the main base as we can get in the meantime.

Source: Petroglyph Games via PC Gamer


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