Pizza Hut joins the ranks of those testing plant-based ‘meat’ with Incogmeato toppings


When you’re offering up plant-based meat substitutes without telling anyone, you’re probably going Incogmeato. Sorry, sorry… couldn’t help that one. Incogmeato is totally a thing, though, and it’s coming to (a single) Pizza Hut in the States for a very limited time. Incogmeato is an Italian sausage substitute made by Kelloggs-owned MorningStar Farms and it’ll be available for one day only — for now.

Nice to ‘meat’ you

Pizza Hut’s Incogmeato pizza joins Burger King’s Impossible Burger and KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken plant-based meat substitute trials in attempting something new when it comes to fast food. Namely, taking the meat out of it (but not the look, feel, or taste of said meat). Pizza Hut’s artificial carnivore fare is made from non-GMO soy and apparently is just as hard to tell apart from the real thing as its competition is. Part of the (extremely limited) promotion also involves a new round box, which’ll be given to buyers who snag their fake-meat pizzas later today. We’d totally pick one up but UberEats probably won’t deliver to SA.

If you happen to be in the States (specifically Phoenix, Arizona) today then you can head to the Phoenix Pizza Hut at 3602 E. Thomas Rd at 11:00 MT (about 19:00 this evening, if you’re in South Africa). You’re looking for the Garden Specialty Pizza, if you’re hoping to give Incogmeato a shot for yourself. It’ll only be available today, 23 October, so don’t turn up the following day and demand one. People like that are the reason why staff in restaurants drink after work.

Source: The Verge


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