Fujifilm’s new X-Pro3 makes retro photography great again


Fujifilm has officially announced the latest in its X-Pro range. Called the X-Pro3, this old school-esque snapper features some impressive updated specs which includes an updated hybrid optical EVF with a clearer view and a faster refresh rate.

It’s clearly modelled to bring out the film-photography nostalgia, with its optical viewfinder (OVF) up top and a rear touch-sensitive LCD display that’s hidden. Just flip out the spot where you’d normally find the film and presto! Your display appears. The styling doesn’t do much to give away the impressive tech that’s in this one though. 

The X-Pro3 uses a back-illuminated 26.1MP X-TransTM*2 CMOS 4 sensor and Fuji’s X-Processor 4 image-processing engine. These sensors were first found in the brilliant X-T3, and then also in the X-T30. Using this combination and new firmware, the phase-detection auto-focus (AF) can now capture pics in much darker surroundings (a luminance of -6EV). Yeah, that’s basically pitch darkness. 


Another awesome feature is its Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder. This thingy allows you to easily switch between the optical viewfinder and the electronic viewfinder (EVF). Both are integrated into the retro-looking viewfinder up top, and each is used for a different reason. The OVF gives you a real-time peek at the subject, while the EVF gives you detailed stats. 

“The EVF uses a high-resolution 3.69-million-dot organic EL panel and has high luminance and advanced colour reproduction. The camera also features the Electronic Range Finder function, in which a small EVF window is displayed within the OVF to help check electronic settings. The EVF window displays live view, enlargement of an AF point and pictures taken, which helps improve the usefulness of the OVF,” Fujifilm explains. 

In line with its body design, the camera gives you a bunch of ‘film’ and ‘grain’ setting to choose from. Yeah, it looks like real film, but this thing can also wirelessly connect to your phone and features some of the best tech in mirrorless cams around. 

This is not a camera for everyone, but it’s a strong draw for serious photographers with specific needs. The Fujifilm X-Pro3 will go on sale locally in late November about R24 000 for the body only.


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