What’s coming to Disney+ at launch? This 3-hour trailer has all the answers you could desire


So you want to know just what you’re in for when it comes to the launch of Disney+ in November this year? There are a couple of ways — you can check out Disney’s long-as-heck Twitter thread which offers up a pretty darned good idea of what’s coming to the service. Or you can do something with a little less scrolling: watch Disney’s three-hour-plus trailer for the pending streaming service.

Watch ALL the things

It’ll take longer to get through Disney’s trailer than it will to get through Avengers: Endgame. And since the trailer consists of little more than a (very brief) history of Disney’s presentations, as well as a catalogue of what the company owns, there’s a lot to see.

Miss Darkwing Duck? Yeah, that’ll be available. Also: The Muppets (in movie guise), every animated Disney film (and cartoon, it looks like) ever made, a whole bunch of family-friendly live action films you might not have been aware Disney owned, and much, much more. The whole “trailer” clocks in at 3:17:53, with each snippet averaging about 20 seconds. Our elementary mathematics skills spat out around 987 previews in this trailer, which must be some kind of record. Just as long as Disney doesn’t make this thing play in front of each of its new Blu-ray discs, we’re okay with that.

Disney+ kicks off from 12 November this year, with launch being confined to countries that aren’t South Africa. Our experience with Netflix back in the day shows that South African’s will likely get a little enterprising with the ole’ VPN. Hey, it beats waiting till the Mickey Mouse brigade notices our country, doesn’t it?


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