Is this our first look at Sony’s PlayStation 5?


This may be our first proper look at the PlayStation 5 devkit, and it looks familiar, eh? Earlier this year we saw Sony’s sci-fi-looking patent for what could be its newest console. And now there’s an image of some actual hardware in the wild. Allegedly. 

The image that has leaked looks like Sony’s concept designs that surfaced online earlier this year. We should make it clear that this isn’t a picture of the final retail version of the console, but rather of the developers’ kit. This is supposedly the version of the console given to game developers to test games on, so it’s likely that the final (retail) version will look different. 

A YouTube channel called ZoneofTech received the image from… someone… allegedly. And it does look like a real console. Even if it’s a cyberpunk version of one. The hardware looks very similar to the patent renders we saw earlier this year, with the striking V-design in the middle. This design looks like it’ll be used for more robust cooling. Because, let’s face it — the PS5 is gonna pack some powerful tech, including SSDs and an RTX GPU. 

As always, though — take this info with a grain of salt. This could be someone’s evil way of trying to become famous. Especially considering how easy it is to 3D print just about anything these days. 

That said, we know developers have had their hands on the devkit for a while now, so it could have leaked. We’ll have to wait and see for ourselves, though. The PlayStation 5 should break cover, officially, around mid-2020. You know, when the (ailing) E3 conference kicks off.


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