We’ll get our first official look at Motorola’s new RAZR in just a few short weeks


We’ve been waiting for news concerning Motorola’s new RAZR smartphone. The device is supposed to be a retro(ish) take on the company’s old faithful (and best-selling) RAZR handset, one with a folding display if rumour has it right. We don’t have to wait on rumour any more, though.

That’s because Motorola has sent out invitations for its new handset. The date? 13 November. The handset? Almost certainly the new RAZR. The invitation? Kinda… melty.


Moto’s invitation (above) features what looks like the iconic RAZR hinge with bits melting off the main frame of the handset. On peeling away the older phone, a new design is seen beneath — this is likely what will be revealed next month. What isn’t shown is how the screen will be handled. We expect to see a folding display in a form factor that harks back to the days of keypads on every device. Only, you know, without the keypad.

Apparently Moto’s presentation will feature special guests and musicians, and we’re also all “…going to flip”. Which, if the company executes this remake well enough, could be totally accurate. We’ll keep an eye on this one come November — even if it’ll take some time to arrive here in SA after the announcement.

Source: CNET


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