The soon-to-be-crowdfunded Dune Pro case will give your Windows PC some Mac Pro style


Apple’s Mac Pro is on the way and it’s got one heck of a case. Part tank, part cheese grater, the Mac Pro’s shell is the sort of thing you can depend on to support the full weight of a car. Or something else heavy. We think. Please don’t test that at home, we didn’t design the thing. But to lay hands on that case you need to buy a Mac Pro — which starts at (at least) R87,000. Much cheaper to buy the case — but Apple’s not selling those on their own.

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You could always hit up the folks from Dune, who have a clone of sorts in the works. A modification of the company’s existing Dune case, which is based on Apple’s older Mac Pro, the Dune Pro case is set to turn up on crowdfunding platforms shortly. It looks for all the world like Apple’s case, though. If, that is, you add an optional extra: the so-called ‘Dice Y’ sound dampening cover that gives the case a very Apple flavour. Dune’s accessory tactics here are probably a good idea… for legal reasons.

Want one? The Dune Pro case is headed for Kickstarter a little later this month, on 21 October. There you’ll find out what it’ll cost (it’ll almost certainly be more than $200/R3,000), where it’ll be available, and whether Apple has a sense of humour. After all, it’ll just take a lawyer’s letter to shut this one down from Apple’s end. We’re, obviously, hoping for the solution that means we can have the thing we want with no hassles whatsoever.

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