Fortnite starts a new Chapter with a new, wetter map


The mass panic is over — because the beloved battle royale game, Fortnite, is back with some new threads. Fortnite season 10 finished on Sunday, after which The End event started. People across the globe stared at the black hole that once was Fortnite. The servers were down and there was a slight worry that it might never come back. 

But it’s back, so parents everywhere can calm down again. Fortnite: Chapter 2’s trailer just dropped, and Epic has really fleshed out some features in the game. It’s not a complete redesign, and your fave skins will live on. 

It’s not the end

The Chapter 2 trailer features a lot of water. Like… everywhere. It looks like players will now be able to use boats, shoot enemies on boats and even swim in the water. It also shows characters fishing — this could be an emote or an in-game ‘toy’. Maybe the fish can supply you with health or stamina? We’ll have to wait and see. 

Obviously, the big change is the addition of a new map (ahem… right after Apex legends released a new map). Looking at the launch trailer, we can’t make out specifics but the terrain looks mountainous, wet and snowy. 

Someone has also leaked the battle pass trailer for season 1 of chapter 2, and it gives us more insight into new game mechanics. It looks like you’ll now be able to level up using something called medals. Also seen in the trailer is a dude jumping out of a trash bin, which could mean players are now able to interact with bins. 

At the end of the trailer, we see that a new action will allow you to carry downed teammates around. This is pretty nifty if your mate’s in a tricky situation and you want to revive them in a safer spot. 

After almost two days of staring into the dark abyss, it looks like the game is available now — you’ll need to download an update file to access it tho. Ready to take the deep dive?


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