For the Jedi who has everything (else) – Le Creuset’s Star Wars cookware priced for SA


You might recall last week we spotted that kitchenware brand Le Creuset has a set of Star Wars-themed kitchen additions on the way. At the time, we knew when the hardware was landing (1 November) and where it’d be turning up (YuppieChef) but not how much any of it cost. We’ve got that information now and… well, we hope you’ve been squirrelling away your cents, young Jedi. This stuff ain’t cheap.

That’s no moon

We’ll start with the cheapest of the lot. Local pricing for the Death Star and Millennium Falcon Trivets (pictured above) are R290. That’s each. And we’ve looked up what a trivet is so you don’t have to.

See this? You can’t have one.

Mini cocottes, featuring the likenesses of the iconic Star Wars droids (BB-8, C-3PO and good old Artoo) will set buyers back R435 each. That’s it for the civilised pricing, it only gets higher from here. The Darth Vader round casserole dish’ll run you R5,750, while your very own Han Solo in Carbonite roaster will dent your wallet to the tune of R6,550.

There’s one thing missing from this list — the Tatooine Round Dutch Oven. That one was made in very limited quantities and won’t be coming to SA as a result. If you did happen to purchase one, you’d wind up paying around R14k for it.

But now that you have all the pricing, all that remains is for 1 November to turn up so we can actually make a purchase or two. We’d hurry, we reckon those droid cocottes and the trivets won’t last long at all.


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