Light Start: Fortnite has disappeared, Quake with RTX, take calls on your PC and iOS 13 bugs


Fortnite has disappeared

It has been hours… And it almost feels like Fortnite is gone for good. At around 8 pm last night, the whole Fortnite map (and game) was sucked into a black hole after Season 10 was scheduled to end. Players and Twitch viewers have been staring at a black screen for more than twelve hours. As expected, a host of speculation has flooded the internet. Especially considering Fortnite tweeted ‘This is the end’ just before the event started. It now looks like the official Fortnite Twitter account has deleted all of their tweets bar the most recent one. Is a clean slate? Fortunately, we suspect that this is just a very dramatic lead-up to its new evolution: Fortnite: Chapter 2. This new iteration will feature a new map and is rumoured to sport a whole user interface redesign. If this is true, Epic Games really knows how to get the world’s attention. They obvs didn’t take into account how many children had to go and play outside since the singularity destroyed everything. But… that’s a good thing, right?

Source: Twitter

RTX is coming to more games

Nvidia plans to bring ray-tracing tech (RTX) to even more titles. Unexpected ones, too. The company is in the process of hiring a producer for its Lightspeed Studios unit. This particular unit will work on remastering older games to run with RTX graphics systems. Engadget reports that Nvidia doesn’t necessarily want to tell us which games are being remastered. The company did say, however, that the next game it’s working on is a game “you know and love”. Do they even know how many games we know… and love?! What we do know, is that Quake II has been remastered to run on RTX graphics by Lightspeed Studios. And let’s just say that Quake has literally never looked this good. This is a brilliant marketing strategy for Nvidia, considering the more games support RTX, the more GPUs it’ll sell. Fair enough… Now do Unreal Tournament!

Source: Engadget

Answer your phone on your PC

One feature we never thought we needed (and still don’t) is the ability to answer phone calls on your PC. Windows just rolled out an update that’ll let Android users answer calls via their trusty PC/laptop. “The Calls feature in Windows uses your computer’s speakers, microphone and screen so you can answer incoming calls, make calls and decline calls,” Cnet explains. We can see the ‘decline calls’ feature being super useful. It’ll just remove a step of picking up your phone to decline, while is handy. But we’ll have to wait and see what we think of this feature in practice. The Calls feature is rolling out to Windows insiders over the coming days, and likely to all Windows users in weeks. You’ll need an Android phone to use the feature, and Windows recommends unpairing and pairing your phone again for the feature to take proper effect. 

Source: Windows Blog via Cnet

iOS 13 is filled with bugs

It doesn’t really matter how hard you try to get your software working and rolled out in time, there will always be bugs. Even the almost-near-perfect Apple has been rolling out its latest software updates with bugs. People are reporting continuous dropped calls since updating to iOS 13, and even worse after the latest patch. As Forbes’ Gordon Kelly says: “Once again, iPhones are struggling to be phones.” And that’s so true. While developers are busy cramming all the camera tech, app details and UI improvements into a phone, they never thought to make sure the primary function works well — phoning people. “@AppleSupport dropping calls like crazy after iOS 13 update. Really bad after 13.1.2 update. Call will drop after 30 seconds to a minute. I use phone for business…not a good impression. iPhone X,” one Twitter user said. Is it time smartphone companies take a step back and look at their products objectively? Is it still serving its primary purpose? Because… that’s what they’re for, right?

Source: Forbes


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