Merging of the 10s – Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 will get Android 10 soon


In September, Google launched its new OS version — Android 10. The only problem? It only released on Google Pixel devices, and as of today, isn’t available on readily available phones in South Africa.  Now it looks like Samsung flagship owners may be the first to have access to the new Android 10 beta. 

Samsung has traditionally been last in line to roll out Android updates. Especially locally. But it looks like all that’s about to change. SamMobile reports that “[t]he first Samsung Android 10 beta build is going to start rolling out in the United States and some countries across Europe in October.”

A Samsung community page announced that the Samsung One UI 2 beta, which includes Android 10, is “coming soon.” We also know that the beta program will be available for the Galaxy 10-range as well as the Note 10 range. Updates generally his the S-range first, and the Note follows in about a month’s time. 

Remember, this is only the beta, so if you’re sceptical of loading beta software on your brand new Note 10, we feel ya. The real McCoy will be out within a few months. The first phones scheduled to receive the beta will the Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+.

Android 10 will start rolling our around from 14 November in South Africa for the Galaxy S10 range and the Note 10 range, according to Samsung SA’s Justin Hume. We reckon there may be a beta around a little sooner than that, then. 

Source: SamMobile


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