Uber launches a ‘Pet’ option, because what about Rocky and Rex?


We’d like to see an Uber driver’s face as their passenger strategically tries to fit two Great Danes into his Corolla. With the launch of Uber Pets, we may actually get that chance. 

The ride-sharing platform recently rolled out Uber Pets in select states in the US. We’re guessing (more hoping) this is a trial run before a global rollout. Uber Pets came from the need for passengers to ferry their fluffy counterparts around, while expecting drivers to just accept it. Instead of prolonging possible friction, Uber opted to make animal transportation official. For a nominal fee,. 

We go walkies now?

Uber previously asked people using the app to contact their driver before pickup to confirm that said driver was comfortable having a pet in their car. The thing is, people never really follow this protocol, which creates uncomfortable situations and annoyed drivers. Drivers could have allergies, or explicit orders from car owners not to get pet hair in the vehicle. Which is why the new Uber mode should make it easier to bring a pet on a trip.

In comes Uber Pet — essentially a built-in communication tool that’ll let you match with a pet-friendly driver. For a fee of course. By selecting “Uber Pet,” you’ll see the amended rate to have your fluffball with you. So you’ll pay a wee bit more ($3-$5 or around R70) than the base rate. But it’ll be worth it when you see your driver’s face after loading Rocky and Rex. 

The feature isn’t available in South Africa yet. It is only live in a few states in the US, and may only roll out if Uber views it as a success. We reckon that’s not far off, unless there’s a rash of emotional support camels being crammed into American compact cars over the next few weeks.

Source: The Verge


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