Sony’s PlayStation 5 is totally a thing, will land by end 2020


Well so much for the future of game consoles being all-streaming, all the time. Sony’s officially confirmed the name of its next console and has also given us a release window. You can expect to play games on a PlayStation 5 from the “…holidays 2020”. That’s around November/December this end of the world since we’ve got holidays all over the place.

This info comes directly from Sony in the shape of PlayStation 4 (and 5) architect Mark Cerny, speaking in an interview with Wired. He confirmed the console’s title (PlayStation 5) and when we’ll see it (end 2020), as well as a few more technical details of the gaming hardware.

The devil’s in the details

Sony’s new gaming hardware will be a treat for fans of high-end visuals. The PlayStation 5 will incorporate hardware ray tracing, which will be backed by a speedy SSD system that’ll help developers to make titles even more visually appealing. More data means… well, more data which is why Sony’s console will support 100GB discs and the 4K Blu-ray format. Expect games to start regularly using 200GB or more per install shorty afterwards, we guess.

Don’t get too excited — this is a fan render.

The DualShock is in for some modification, though Cerny says that the actual hardware won’t look a whole lot different from the current DualShock 4. It’ll feature a new haptics system, a more advanced take on the rumble arrangement we’ve gotten so used to since the days of the PSOne. An example is that the controller’s triggers will offer variable resistance while in-game — imagine feeling the tension in a bowstring or resistance from braking/accelerating in a racing game. Should prove interesting, that, and there are other haptic features coming as well. Hopefully, the PlayStation VR gets a look-in with the new haptics consoles as well.

The SSD will also apparently work with a revamped UI for the console. Imagine booting directly from the PlayStation menu into your favourite Call of Duty map or directly to your last quest in an RPG — skipping all the intervening menus and other bits. That’s what Sony has in its sights for the PS5’s software. It’s an interesting goal, one that we’d love to see working in practise. That’ll have to wait till launch, some time next year. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for the actual hardware. 2020 is already looking like a big year for gaming.

Source: Wired via Ars Technica


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