HP Elite Dragonfly lands in SA — the new lightweight business notebook


HP has dominated the business laptop market for some time, but you may say at the cost of boring-looking products. Now the company is veering into a more stylish category with its new Elite Dragonfly notebook. 

The Dragonfly weighs in at under 1kg, which makes it the lightest business laptop around. It also sports a new form-factor from the same-old-same-old business machine by being a convertible. This means that it can be used in a variety of setups, including traditional mode, tent mode and tablet mode. The whole body is CNC-machined from a single piece of magnesium alloy. 

Lighter than Air tho?

“HP innovation is moving businesses beyond the status quo with incredibly light, powerful, and highly secure PC designs and a connected ecosystem for next-generation workplaces. Delivering the world’s lightest compact business convertible and beautiful curved displays, HP is reimagining how technology empowers today’s workforce,” says John Geypen, country manager at HP South Africa.

The small size doesn’t mean that HP skimped on internals either. It features a near-bezelless 13in touch-display, up to 24-hour battery life (if you opt for the 4-cell) and has Wi-Fi 6 as well as LTE capabilities. 

You’ll also have your choice of Intel Core processor — but we’d recommend going for the Core i8 9th Gen CPU. Just ’cause. Unlike other ultra-slim notebooks, the Dragonfly even retains one Type-A USB port. So no more annoying dongles, eh?

The HP Elite Dragonfly is recommended to retail from R35,00, depending on specs, and we’ll see it land in South Africa from mid-November. 


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