Sony PlayStation is killing off native Facebook sharing for the PS4


Are you the sort of gamer who only has gamer friends on Facebook? Do you regularly post images and achievements from your PlayStation? Does it confuse the few tech-impaired relatives who can’t understand why you keep posting gorgeous photos of some chap named Nathan Drake? Yeah, that’s coming to an end. Sony’s officially ended Facebook integration for the PlayStation 4.

You’re killing me here

According to Sony, the change means that “…Facebook’s share features such as posting gameplay and trophy activity and using the friend finder feature” are no longer available. If you were hoping for one last hurrah on the social network, you’re out of luck. The change went into effect from 7 October, meaning you missed your chance. If, like us, you’ve never touched the Facebook share feature before, you’re never ever going to. Unless you invent a time machine.

Sony lists the functions that are disappearing as a result of Facebook integration removal on its website but, briefly, gamers won’t be able to import profile images from Facebook or use the service to locate PSN mates. Plus that whole ‘sharing trophy/gameplay/screenshots to Facebook’ thing is going away.

Sony hasn’t said why it’s making the change. It could be as simple as not enough folks using the option to make supporting it viable (the most likely explanation). It’s also possible there’s some kind of behind-the-scenes stuff going on but we reckon there’d have been more noise about it before this. The main takeaway? Facebook on PlayStation 4 has gone away. It’s not likely to come back either. Where will all those grandmothers find well-edited images from God of War now?

Source: Sony PlayStation


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