Locally made game Boet Fighter launches on PC today and we’re ready to klap it


It’s not every day you get a South African-developed game with this level of hype. Boet Fighter dropped a short trailer online back in August 2018, and its tongue-in-cheek vibe and local culture drove it to go viral within a few days. For obvious reasons, we’re happy to announce that the game is faanally available to download and play on Steam from today.

Boet Fighter is an obviously colourful game filled with even more colourful characters who klap their way through fictional clubs and bars in Fourways to find and save a binnet. You join your partner-in-vests called Hard Eddy to dominate everything that gets in your way, boet. It’s a 2D beat-em-up fighting game that’s bound to cost us hours of our time, moering okes in a familiar setting (even though we’re smol and don’t moer okes all that often irl).

The announcement was made on the local developers’ Facebook page, Cali4Ways, last week. The game has been demoed at various local gaming expos, but this is the first time you’ll be able to pay real rands and own the full game. Remember, it’s available for download on Steam for PC from today, with versions for mobile and consoles rolling out over the next few months.

A lot of hype and many trailers since inception later, we can finally jam with Hard Eddy and fam, for just R200 on Steam from this afternoon (8 October).


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