Light Start – Star Wars… kitchenware?, Swipe Night, Sleepbuds canned, and RDR 2 for PC


Le Creuset has a Star Wars collection now, because we’ve all got too much money

In a move designed to make you think “Isn’t this branding thing going a little far?”, Le Creuset has announced a set of Star Wars-themed cookware. Yes, really. No, we didn’t see it coming either. Yeah, it actually all looks pretty cool. There’s a roasting pan based on Han Solo’s frozen-in-carbonite period, R2D2 and other iconic droids as mini cocottes (whatever those are for), and bits based on the moons of Tatooine (that one’s highly limited), Darth Vader, the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon. Pricing and availability? Nothing for South Africa yet but we’re going with ‘expensive’ and ‘1 November’, since the cookware will be available from YuppieChef.

Source: Le Creuset (Twitter)

Tinder launches its own interactive series, Swipe Night, for some reason

Sometimes you see folks doing things and you wonder “Why the heck would you do something like that?” We kinda feel that way about Swipe Night, a weekly series that asks what you’d do is there were three hours left until the end of the world. Because it’s being made by Tinder, of all people. The series will run on Sundays during a very specific time (we’re not sure if that time’s global or just America-based) and by watching and interacting — it’s a bit like a choose-your-own-adventure deal — you can earn… matches? Sure, whatever Tinder. If you’re curious (either genuinely or morbidly), check out the first trailer at the link below. The first episode aired on 6 October — that’d be yesterday.

Source: Tinder (YouTube)

Bose discontinues its dedicated SleepBuds earbuds due to battery issues

If you have purchased a set of Bose’ highly-specific sleep-assisting Sleepbuds, you might wanna take them back to the store. The headphone company has opted to discontinue the product, citing battery issues as the cause. They’re not exploding in ear canals or anything, some of the hardware is just failing to work as promised. Batteries failing to charge and random shutdowns seem to be the main culprits. Bose in the States is offering refunds on Sleepbuds until 31 December this year, for anyone who wants to return them. Whether that translates over here is another matter — as of this morning, the R5,500 sleep aids were still on sale in South African online stores. You don’t have to send ’em back, though. Just if they’re wonky.

Source: The Verge

Red Dead Redemption 2 lands on PCs this November

You waited, you were patient, and Rockstar Games have heard your pleas. Red Dead Redemption 2 will launch on PCs this year November. Pity they didn’t do this with the first Red Dead (P.S. — Rockstar, we’d still take the first game as a PC title too). Rockstar announced the PC port on the weekend, where it’ll go up for pre-order on Rockstar’s budding service later this week. Launch day is 5 November, and since it’s going to be a digital release as well as (presumably) a physical one, we probably won’t have to wait for access. The game’s also going to turn up on Google’s Stadia, but that’s something we likely won’t have access to at launch. Heck, we’re still waiting for PlayStation Now. The game will also hit Steam and other platforms, but only in December this year.

Source: Polygon


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