Twitter and TweetDeck suffer major outages


Are we in the upside-down? The platform we all flock to when Facebook or Instagram is down (good ole Twitter) has suffered major outages and connection issues over the past few hours. This includes the platform’s scheduling dashboard TweetDeck. 

The issue doesn’t seem to be region-specific either. It has affected users globally according to outage report, and we’re also having problems in South Africa. Since early this morning, TweetDeck seems to be properly spazzing out. A popup at the top of the screen keeps appearing and disappearing, while scheduled tweets won’t load and everything is jumping up and down the screen.

Twitter made a tweet (good to see they are able to tweet) saying that it is aware of the issues and they are currently working on a fix. Problems have also hit regular Twitter users, who couldn’t see new DMs and struggled to add images, videos and polls to tweets. The company said that everything “should be back to normal soon.” But… they tweeted that statement two hours ago. 

Everything on desktop Twitter seems to be back to normal, but TweetDeck is Spazzy McSpazzerson at the moment. We really hope (for the sanity of social media users everywhere) that a fix is pushed out very soon. 


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