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It’s about time to update your mag collection because the new issue of Stuff is on the shelf of your nearest grocery store from today. This time around you’ll find a lovely pop of orange in the stands and, granted, it’s hard to miss. We’re ready to beam your brain full of our favourite gadgets in Stuff‘s largest-ever Most Wanted feature. If you feel the need to commit a bit more than just visiting a grocery store every month, head over here to subscribe for one year’s worth of Stuff’s print edition, (with 30% off) and here for the digital mag

You know why we decided to go with 102 of our Most Wanted gadgets? Because we had to go one better than 101. The Stuff team thought long and hard on which gadgets we think y’all need the most and wrote them all down in the main feature of the October issue. We check out everything from treadmills to Tamagotchi plants and multi-million-rand yachts…. We never said it needed to be realistic. But now you’ll know exactly where to buy an Oculus Quest in South Africa, what the most expensive sound system in the world will cost you and why you need a Roomba in ya life, boi. Now, who’s gonna pay for our Princess R35 yacht?

If you’re like most of the working class (ahem, including us), you’ll at least feel like you spend most of your time at work. Which is why Stuff decided to take a quick tour of the best working tech out there. Expect a bunch of Apple machines (obvs), a whole lot of power boosters, and even Windows machines. Because people work on Windows as well. Working spaces are evolving and there are a bunch of gadgets out there that can make that experience so much better. Believe us when we say you need a decent pair of headphones, a power bank, and a good quality backpack to survive work in the tech age. For reals. 

Normally you’d get a bunch of humans wearing smartwatches to battle against one another, but we’re flipping the bill. We pit three well-known smartwatches against each other. Just to see who would be victorious after some testing. In this group test, we look at the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, the Polar Ignite and the Fossil Sport. Who will be king of the tracking? Pick up the October issue to find out. Summer’s hot on our heals, and it’s not too late to get that summer bod in order yet. 

As always, we’ll have this and much more to keep you abreast of the best tech. In the October issue, we look at the brand new Ford Mustang 5.0L GT, and we test out the noise-cancelling capabilities of the Sony WF-1000XM3 in a long-term test. We also face-off two of the smartest toothbrushes out there, and take the little Palm phone on a long-term date. If you know someone who desperately needs their tech fix, point them in the direction of the nearest retail shop that sells magazines, or send them this link to subscribe to Stuff. 


p77 — pricing given for the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart is incorrect. The price of R3,300 is for the DiamondClean Black Edition. Philips’ DiamondClean Smart is not yet priced for South Africa. We regret the error.


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