Here’s how Samsung wants you to look after your (mighty pricey) Galaxy Fold


We’re expecting Samsung’s Galaxy Fold smartphone/tablet to land any day now, and Samsung obviously feels the same way. It isn’t releasing videos on how to look after your brand-new piece of folding tech for the fun of it, after all.

No, Samsung really wants you to know how to look after the Fold. Specifically, it wants you to know about the existence of its paid-for Galaxy Fold Premier service, an offering that hasn’t been explained for South Africa (yet). But it’s also got suggestions for users who aren’t planning on paying extra to keep their handsets safe.

Step one: 

Samsung’s video offers a few handling tips, including that users “use a light touch”. If you’ve got a mate who jabs at conventional screens like he reckons they’re spreading rumours behind his back, maybe don’t let him handle your very expensive new tech. It also points out that the Galaxy Fold ships with a film pre-applied, one that protects the screen. Don’t peel it off, yeah? That’s what killed a few of the review models of the Fold earlier this year.

There’s also mention of the hinge, which needs to have moisture and dust kept away from it. It’s a precision bit of engineering, inspired by watches, according to Samsung (which therefore explains its fragility but also its meticulous accuracy, yeah?).

There’s also a list of items to keep your handset away from. It’s held closed by magnets and those magnets could kill off bank cards or attract keys and coins into screen-shredding positions. There’s even a medical warning, if you’re toting a pacemaker or something similar. Seems you might need to get a doctor’s okay to buy one of these first.

On the face of it, the video may seem a little out of place. But this is a new form factor, one that’s out of character for Samsung phones. By now, many of us are used to the idea that we can drown Samsung handsets. The folks here at Stuff tend to assume waterproof features unless otherwise stated, and those assumptions would be incorrect here. Handling a Fold safely will take some getting used to. We’re used to more durability of late, so Samsung’s reminder may just come in handy.

Source: Samsung (YouTube)


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