Huawei announces the Watch GT 2 and the Huawei Vision TV


Along with the Mate 30 lineup, Huawei announced a bunch of other things. Interesting things. In the shape of the Huawei Watch GT 2, the Huawei Vision TV and the FreeBuds 3.

The Huawei Watch GT 2 comes in two sizes, the 46mm as well as the 42mm ultra-slim design. Both variations are powered by the Kirin A1 chip that features increased Bluetooth range. They’re fitted with speakers and microphones, so you can listen to music (we doubt you’ll want to tho), and answer phone calls.

In our experience, the first-gen Watch GT features two-week battery life, and Huawei expects the second-gen to last just about as long. It features underwater heart rate monitoring, and stress management apps built-in.  Other features include a barometer, a compass, an alarm, and the trusty find my phone.

Probably the most unexpected announcement from today is the Huawei Vision TV. It features a 4K Quantum Dot display, AI integration and IoT applications. these will come in 75in and 65in. Inside, it’s got eight speakers that offer 5.1 surround sound. Also… it has a pop-up camera that can be used for fitness apparently? Nice try Huawei.

We suspect that the Huawei Vision is basically the same as the Honor Vision launched earlier this year. And will likely also run on Huawei’s own Harmony OS.

The FreeBuds 3 also made an appearance — they’re also powered by the Kirin A1 chipset, now featuring noise-cancellation. But they won’t come to SA.

Pricing for the Watch GT 2 and the Huawei Vision will follow as soon as we have it.


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