Blue’s Yeti X hopes to turn everyone into a pro-grade streamer or podcaster


We might have to amend that headline a little — Blue’s Yeti X hopes to turn everyone into a pro-grade streamer or podcaster, provided you’re willing to shell out at least $170 (R2,500 or thereabouts) for the newly-announced mic. And provided you’re able to find it here. It’s possible to source the company’s gear locally but we might be in for a bit of a wait.

Which isn’t too bad right now, as everyone else is waiting anyway. The Yeti X has only been announced, with pre-orders ongoing. The new audio hardware launches next month internationally, while South African timelines are somewhat murkier at present.

Mythical beast

But it might be worth all that searching through that snow, or wherever Yeti hide on the internet. The new Yeti X features an all-new four-capsule condenser array and an LED-lit multi-function knob. It can be (visually) customised for a whole lot of uses, much like those gaming keyboards we like so much. When in mic gain mode, though, that knob’s LEDs will show you metering info, letting you keep an eye on your levels without much of a fiddle. Adjust gain and it’ll revert to metering shortly after.

That’d be worth at least giving Blue’s new mic a look but it’s the bundled software that will have prospective streamers and content creators buzzing. The company’s Blue Voice Effects software, with presets for podcasts and streaming, ships with this mic. That’s where the ‘pro-grade’ part of this story comes in — the software offers customisable voice EQ for a range of settings and locations, whether you’re recording in carotid, bi-directional, omni, or stereo mode. If you’ve been eyeing the Yeti Pro but haven’t been able to make the commitment, perhaps the Yeti X has what it takes to make you take the leap.


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