It’s that time already? Get creatively festive with Lego’s Creator Expert Gingerbread House


Has Christmas come early this year? Nah, it just feels that way because South Africa’s stores have decided that September is a great time to put out their festive selection. Looks like shopping season has been extended by a month, folks. Which means we don’t have to feel bad about adding the #10267 Lego Creator Expert Gingerbread House to that shopping cart, we guess?

The Lego Gingerbread House isn’t actually available yet but it is dropping (internationally) on 1 October. The set comprises 1,477 pieces and falls under the company Creator Expert theme. That generally means an advanced build but also tends to involve items like light-up bricks — which are an ideal addition to something this explicitly festive.

Looks good enough to eat

The Danish brick company loves its seasonal sets. Because folks buy em, we reckon. The Gingerbread House is just another one to add to the collection, a candy-themed home with suitably-sweet furniture and a gingerbread minifig family to roam around the Xmas domicile. It’s not going to win any points for originality, but it does net a few for style. The set looks very good, if you’re into the season in an annoyingly-good-natured kinda way.

Lego’s sets of late have managed to stand apart from each other. This bright, colourful effort in particular looks just this side of edible. In fact, we expect to see a few baked projects that replicate this gingerbread house using actual… well, gingerbread. That’s just another we get to sink our teeth into this set. We sure don’t want to try it with the original plastic. But it looks like just the thing to build with the kiddies while there’s baking, decorating and, of course, good behaviour taking place.

And if you’re feeling in a festive mood but aren’t keen on assembling 1,500 bricks first, local Lego outlet Great Yellow Brick has a selection of advent calendars just lying in wait to mug your wallet. We’re awaiting local pricing and availability on this one, as well as that awesome-looking Land Rover Defender.


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