Google will reveal the Pixel 4, along with some other stuff, in October


We know what you’re gonna say. “But we don’t get Google products in South Africa.” Just give it some time, young grasshopper. Also, there are other ways (imports, duh) to get your grubby hands on Pixel hardware. Which is why we’re excited that Google will announce its new range of devices in October. 

Google sent out invites for its next ‘Made by Google’ event this week. It’ll take place in New York City on 15 October. We don’t know everything it plans to announce at the event just yet — what we do know is that we’ll see the official announcement of the long-awaited Pixel 4. 

What you’ll get

Luckily, we already have most of the specs for the upcoming Google Pixel 4. Expect to see a few major changes, a few similar design elements to what we’ve seen before and awesome photography flex. 

This time around, the Pixel will feature two rear camera sensors — one of which will be an ultra-wide. Unlike competitors, it won’t feature a telephoto lens, but it’s probably packed with improvements on the super-res zoom feature. We’ll also see touchless gesture support via its Soli radar chip according to this teaser video

Other than the expected Pixel phones (there’s bound to be more than one, like always), we’re not sure what to expect. The invite does say “Come see a few things Made by Google”. We’re in for more than we’re expecting at the moment. 

Maybe they’ll announce an updated Pixelbook, a new Google (or Nest) Home Mini or a tablet. There’s no way to be sure, but 15 October isn’t far off. Then we’ll know what the company has been up to. The event will be live-streamed because not all of us can be in New York at once. 

Source: CNET


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