Watch Apple throw pretty much everything at the iPhone 11 Pro


We have it on good authority that Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro likes it rough. Or, at least, it can withstand a bit of rough treatment. That’s the message being sent by Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro commercial, which sees the flagship smartphone propped in a wind tunnel and pelted with… everything.

Taking the cake

Well, not everything everything. Just your standard run of household objects, from kids toys to food to the sorts of odds and ends you might find in the average home. Hairbrushes, gloves… you know, the bits that you’re never going to see again if you drop them on the pavement in Cape Town on a windy day. The point, we reckon, is that Apple’s latest will take whatever the average home to throw at it. Up to, and including, the cake. That’s right, Apple’s gone out and (visually) said that the iPhone 11 Pro can take the cake. Wedding cake, specifically.

We’re not convinced, of course, but then we never are. We’ve got to find this sort of thing out by ourselves. Which is why, if you have a wind tunnel available, we’d like to borrow it for a day or so. Also: a mop and bucket. Because the aftermath of this one’s a little messy.

For a less messy but still wind-tunnel-related continuation, Apple’s also put a very fashionable dog in a wind-tunnel to show off its triple-camera system. Also: pet selfies? At least they didn’t mix the two shoots together. That would have led to one very annoyed canine owner and a very soggy canine. Still, it’s nice to see Apple having a little bit of fun on occasion.


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