Comic Con Africa has five new attendees today – one of them could be you


Remember how, a little while ago, we said that we were giving away five sets of double tickets to this year’s Comic Con Africa? Remember how, a little while ago, we said that you had to be in Johannesburg on a specific day in order to enter? Remember how, a little while ago, we gave a closing date for that giveaway? Well, guess what day it is folks.

If you guessed anything other than “Winner’s announcement day”, then we’re sorely disappointed in you. We’re not mad, just disappointed. But there are five people (plus partners) who will most certainly not be disappointed. And that’s because those five-to-ten people will attend Comic Con Africa on Saturday, 21 September courtesy of Stuff and… well, Comic Con Africa. We didn’t grow these friggin’ tickets, after all. That’d be a good trick, if we could do it, though.

Get on with it!

But first…! Yeah, there’s always something in the way, isn’t there? Never mind, this one’s not too hard.  Remember the Terms and Conditions? Those deal with most of the bits and pieces but there’s one more thing to check out: How we pick our winners. Potential winners’ names are drawn randomly by a computer. Once the name has been drawn, the entry is examined by a human to make sure it’s valid. If it’s not, the computer has another go. It happens,. That’s it. Unless you work for Stuff Magazine in one way or another, in which case you are disqualified before you even start. Yes, really. No, not even if you really, really want to go to Comic Con.

And with that, we’re off to the races. Or the cosplay contest, as it were. Our winners are:

Angie Joubert
Marko Kotze
Thapelo Ntisa
Clinton Fok
Boutumelo Makgoba

Congrats to our winners. You… actually don’t have to do anything. Your details (such as they are) have already been given to the event organisers and they’ll be in touch with you shortly. There’s not much else we can say except: See you at Comic Con. As for those who didn’t win, we should have something new up shortly. Something that doesn’t require being in a particular city on a particular day.


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