Apple’s new iPad retires the 9.7in form factor for something a little… bigger


We haven’t gotten to the big news just yet but we’ve got one of the things we were expecting — a new iPad. The updated iPad will be replacing the company’s stalwart 9.7in models with a new 10.2 model featuring a Retina display. That, sadly, is about all the information we were given during the presentation.


Okay, maybe that’s not all we’ve learned. But Apple’s mum on the new iPad’s actual name, and internal components. We’ve got nothing on that, so we’re going to have to peer at the company’s website and attempt to decipher things there. We’ll just call it ‘the new iPad’ for now.

What the tablet will have is a Smart Connector, and allows for connection to a keyboard cover. Which, you know, could make this a handy little work machine. Apple reckons so, as iPadOS has been built to maximise Apple’s new iPad. Half the presentation seems to be punting the software, which doesn’t really fill us with confidence about the hardware. Odds are that the hardware is just what we’ve seen before, in a shiny new package. That may be okay, though — Apple hardware tends to age very well.

The Apple Pencil is supported by the updated iPad and the new entry-level slate is made from 100% recycled aluminium. Apple’s really serious about recycling. Like, hippie serious.


And it’ll turn up soon, if you’re an American. The new iPad will start at $329 (R4,850). It’s available to order in the States today and will ship from 30 September. As always, the moment we have local info, so will you.


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