Light Start: Apple Music on web, the PlayStation ‘X’ button, BMW recalls EVs and Marvel Phase 4s logos surface


Apple Music now has a web interface

The rebrand and retirement of iTunes had people living in the Apple ecosystem perplexed, but it seems Apple has seamlessly transitioned to Apple Music. Now users will be able to access their Apple Music libraries in-browser. The platform was only available through apps before. Users will be able to stream music through browsers on Windows 10, Chrome OS and on Android through a variety of browsers. The new expansion is currently in beta but is accessible to all Apple Music users. It allows users to stream songs and albums without having to install iTunes or a separate Apple Music app. According to The Verge, the interface resembles Apple’s standalone app launching with macOS Catalina later this year.  This is something its rival music streaming app, Spotify, has offered since inception — so it’s a natural evolution that was bound to happen. 

Source: The Verge

We’ve been wrong for so long – the PlayStation ’X’ button’s actual name

When you take up gaming on a PlayStation console, you’ll inevitably come across another gamer dictating what you should actually be doing. This person would probably continue shouting “press X, press X!”, while you still have no idea where to position your uncoordinated thumbs. Turns out, the clear ‘X’ button, isn’t an ‘X’ at all, according to PlayStation. PlayStation UK took to Twitter to clear up the confusion last week. It tweeted, saying: “Triangle. Circle. Cross. Square. If Cross is called X (it’s not), then what are you calling Circle?” We’ve been lying to our noob friends for so long that almost every English person in the PlayStation community calls the button the wrong name. Good luck trying to get us to call it a ‘cross’, PlayStation. The damage has been done. 

Source: PlayStation UK

BMW recalls i3 and i8 EVS due to module issue

No, BMW’s EVs aren’t exploding (luckily). The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the US announced a recall on 2019 BMW i3, BMW i3 with range extenders and BMW i8 models. This is due to a faulty high-voltage control module that could cause the vehicle to lose power. So this isn’t a life or death situation but is something BMW wants to sort out before customers start complaining about the lack of torque on their EVs. They plan to recall all the vehicles built between December 2018 and March 2019. On a more technical level, the module affected is called the electric motor electronics (EME) module, and the defect that could lead to increased resistance inside the module. “This would cause the module to shut off high-voltage power to the drive system, resulting in a loss of propulsion,” as explained on the BMW blog. Exactly the thing we love about EVs (and the i3 specifically). Customers will start getting notices in October in the US. 

Source: BMW Blog

We get a peek at Marvel’s Phase 4 intro videos

Yes, we already know which Marvel titles to look forward to for Phase 4. But beyond that, we haven’t seen any actual visuals yet. That is, until now — thanks to Reddit (all hail Reddit and its internet power). Now we get to see those projects’ hella cool animated introductory logos. Granted, it was filmed from a screen by something we can only guess predates an iPhone 6, but we don’t mind. You can see all the logo animations on the Redditor’s feed here. It sounds like the video was taken at Comic Con San Diego, where Marvel revealed most of these titles – but one sneaky bugger obviously saw an opportunity and took it. According to CNET, “It surfaced from Hall H, where Marvel super-producer Kevin Feige announced the likes of Black Widow, the Hawkeye Disney Plus TV series, Thor: Love and Thunder and more.” Well, thanks for getting us this excited on a Monday morning. 

Source: CNET


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