Acer Predator reveals another throne fit for a gaming king called Thronos Air


Remember the larger-than-life Predator Thronos that Stuff got to test earlier this year? Yeah, the one that costs just about R25,000? Acer just announced a ‘cheaper’ successor ahead of IFA 2019 and it’s called the Predator Thronos Air. 

Even though it just almost just as imposing as its older brother, the Thronos Air is slightly more toned down. It now features a manual arm holding the three floating displays, instead of an electronic one. 

Be the king you want to be

The previous-gen Thronos

Okay, so that makes it slightly less impressive, but most of the other features have been carried over. It’s got the comfortable gaming massage chair, a modular desk, your three displays overhead and a casing for your PC (fair warning for when you find out what the price is — it doesn’t come with a PC). 

You can also add extra features (for some extra money, obvs), like cupholders and a seat stabiliser, headset holder, a USB Hub and a camera for streaming. You know, so you can show off your gaming throne to the world of noobs who can’t afford them. 

The Predator Thronos Air costs a whole $6,000 less than the previous-gen. But that’s not including all the fun extras you get on a base Thronos (and need to add to your Thronos Air). The Thronos Air will cost $14,000, that’s just a tad over R200,000. So you still need to sell your two Ford Figos to get one of these.


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