Darkness befalls PlayStation this month: Here are the free PS Plus games for September


This is one of our favourite highlights of each month — getting youthfully excited about the free PlayStation Plus games. The best part? It looks like Sony’s offerings are getting better and better each month. 

This time around, considering you’ve lobbed some cash Sony’s way for your monthly PS Plus subscription, you’ll get access to two dark af games. Firstly — one of our favourite Batman instalments – Batman: Arkham Night — is up for free download. You’ll also have access to the brilliant hack-and-slash title, Darksiders III.

I’m Batman

Batman: Arkham Night will let you delve into the badly-lit streets of… well… Gotham City. Most of the time we’d prefer to see Batman as George Clooney facing an iced-up Terminator, but this time around we’ll let that slide. Arkham Night is probs one of the best Bat-fronted gaming titles you’ll get your hands on. So, go and be the darkness. 

Adequately described as a “…visceral hack-and-slash action-adventure,” the third instalment of Darksiders will drop you into a badly-lit fantasy setting. Here you’ll have to traverse harsh environments, battle some bad baddies and survive. Basically, you’ll have to join a rag-tag team and defeat the seven deadly sins. What’s not to love?

How do you get these two wonderfully badly-lit games for free, you ask? Step one, own a PlayStation 4. Step two, sign up for PS Plus over here. Yeah, you’ll have to pay a small fee (R100 a month on a monthly plan), but hey — the free monthly games will deffos make it worth it. These titles will be available to download from tomorrow (3 September).

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