Apple will unveil its new iPhones on 10 September, “By innovation only”


We’ve been expecting this: Apple’s made this year’s iPhone day official and, as was estimated earlier this month, the day’s going to be 10 September.

That gives us a little under two weeks before we find out just how accurate all the rumours have been. Whether Apple has hardware besides their iPhone and new Apple Watch models is up for debate. Apple’s invitation doesn’t make guessing that any easier, either. It’s just the Apple logo, rendered in what looks to be stacked bits of glass. The tagline? “By innovation only.”

Bloody well better be

Which critics of one of the largest tech companies in existence have been insisting Apple desperately needs. The stacked glass could refer to Apple’s cameras somehow — don’t ask us, Apple’s the one being obtuse. The company is rumoured to have some camera innovation in the offing, though it may appear as a hardware-bolstered software feature rather than something new in sensor design.

It’s vaguely possible that Apple’s got more than just phones and watches coming our way on 10 September but with a rumoured three iPhones and likely two Apple Watch updates, adding a set of new iPads as well as a larger MacBook Pro seems like overkill for an Apple event. They do like to linger over their products and that lineup would either make for a rushed event, or a very drawn-out one. Neither seems to be Apple’s style.

Whatever the eventual agenda, we’ll be keeping tabs on Apple’s event as it takes place. Check out Stuff’s Twitter account or watch this space on the night. We’ll fire all the info we can at your eyes, as we get it.

Source: The Verge


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