MyToyota will come standard to all Toyotas from 1 September, will give you 15GB data to use in-vehicle


Toyota South Africa today launched its MyToyota app in South Africa. The launch marks a partnership between the Toyota Connect platform, Altron and Vodacom Business, who got together to make this a thing.

You may have thought that the app was first available in 2014 and you’d be correct. The difference here is that the updated features were developed in South Africa, for South Africa. Also, the MyToyota app will now be available for all the auto maker’s new local models, from the budget Etios to the testosterone-laden FJ Cruiser and the luxury Lexus line. Because soon every Toyota sold in SA will come with WiFi connectivity, as . Nice.

MyToyota, MyData

But what does that get you? Well, for starters, Toyota is mighty keen on getting you to download its app and connected to your shiny new vehicle. So much so that users will receive 15GB of data (only available in SA) when they sign up for the service. That data can be used while you’re in your car, letting passengers browse the web or stream Netflix, if they are so inclined. Drivers, not so much… eyes on the road, genius.

You won’t need to have data loaded to the vehicle to use other features, like the customisable notifications, Driver Rating, and everything else. If you load data, that’s for you to use in the vehicle. The other functions don’t depend on it.

While the 15GB of data may be a once-off, you won’t have to bawl like a toddler that’s just had a new toy(ota) snatched away once it’s done. The MyToyota app will allow you to load more magical internets to your vehicle. You’ll have to pay for it, though. And you may want to pay for it.

There’s an app for that

That’s because internet connectivity isn’t all you get. The widened reach of the app confers connected features on eligible models — features like GPS tracking, no matter where you are (provided you have your phone) or a digital logbook function that’ll be very handy for anyone who travels for work. It’ll be SARS compatible, too.

Notifications are also a thing — it’ll send users updates concerning services, car data, or even license renewal reminders. That’s something we wish more cars would do: remind us when we’re supposed to spend money on ’em. There are a variety of notifications incoming, but you’ll be able to opt in to which ones you receive. That side is customisable.

In addition to GPS location info, users can get remote battery info. For standard batteries, rather than the EV sort, meaning you can find out whether the South African winter has interrupted your morning start without getting out of bed. Users can also request roadside assistance through the app.

And if you are into your self-improvement, the app will offer a Driver Rating. If you’re heavy on the accelerator or brake, or tend to swing wide into your corners, the app will track that info and give you a rating on your skills. You might think you can drive – the MyToyota app will confirm that. Or you might be in for some bad news. Who knows? Well, Toyota will know, eventually.

The app is already available and you can download it here (for both iOS and Android), but it’ll be functional for all models, from stock Toyotas to the pricier Lexus, sold from 1 September. And if you’re not planning on buying a new Toyota, we’re told that you will be able to have the SIM card addition done to an older model as a retrofit, too.


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