The Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker trailer is here to recap everything that has come before


You know things are coming to an end when everything that came before flashes before your eyes. That’s true of life-threatening situations and it’s true of the new trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The footage, first seen at Disney’s D23 event, opens with sections from the first two trilogies before entering a more modern age. Rise of Skywalker marks the ninth film in the trilogy of trilogies (we mean that literally rather than superlatively — there are three sets of three films… and one of those sets featured Jar-Jar Binks, after all). You know this one has to be big.

Grand final battle

And ‘big’ seems to be the overarching theme. Massed space armadas, giant space lasers, a red-eyed C3PO, and a light saber showdown between a couple of descendants on what looks like an Imperial submarine of all things… that ticks all of the ‘big’ boxes for sure. That final battle platform looks like it could also be an Imperial battleship, in which case — how the heck did it get in the ocean?

What we don’t get from the trailer is a whole lot of detail. That’s just the way some folks like it, so we’re not about to complain. That said, there’s a little that can be gleaned from the footage. Rey is getting stronger, Kylo Ren remains emo, at some point Rey’s going to wield a double-sided light saber like a reincarnated Darth Maul… should be a film to look forward to, no?

Can’t really wait to get that great, great Star Wars into your veins? You’re going to have to, we’re afraid. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is set to premiere on 20 December this year, so there are a good few months in the way. We’re expecting a couple more trailers to pop up between then and now, however. Trailers that contain more detail, and possibly spoilers. Tread carefully, young Jedi.

Source: Star Wars (YouTube)


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