KFC is the latest fast food outfit to test vegetable-based meat (in the States)


Though it sounds like something from a 1 April press-release (cos it’s not really real), meatless er… meat is coming.  Burger King in the States is now serving the Impossible Whopper, a vegetable-based product that is apparently indistinguishable from actual beef. And now, it has more company. Beyond Meat and KFC in the States are teaming up to bring chicken without any actual poultry in to to market.

The meat of the issue

Before you despair of losing your artery-hardening fried chicken, though, it’ll still be deep fried and covered in salt. The meat, called Beyond Fried Chicken, will appear in a single location in Atlanta in the States. Like all good appearances, it’ll be one day only and that day is today, 27 August. Patrons at the Atlanta KFC will be given free samples of meatless chicken nuggets and boneless chicken wings with their purchases, with the restaurant chain collecting feedback.

According to Bloomberg, KFC said “Customer feedback from the Atlanta test will be considered as KFC evaluates a broader test or potential national rollout.” We’re, obviously, keen on that broader test and even keener on a greater rollout. So we can try this new stuff for ourselves, naturally.

Stuff being… well, Stuff, we’re all hugely keen on Burger King’s Impossible Whopper when it arrives in South Africa. (It better bloody arrive, they promised.) If KFC’s Beyond Meat offering makes it out of its test location and around the world, we’ll test that too. With sweet chilli sauce or spicy mayo, naturally.

Source: Bloomberg


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