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Instagram might be the most attractive member of the Facebook family but it could soon be joined by a hopefully-not-annoying younger sibling. Website The Verge has information on a new app in development, called Threads, tied to the influencer-populated service.

The Verge report claims that the new app will ask users “…to automatically share their location, speed, and battery life with friends, along with more typical text, photo, and video messages using Instagram’s creative tools.” The point seems to be to promote sharing of a whole mess of info with the closest folks on your Instagram account. And, presumably, with Facebook and Insta as well. When contacted concerning the app, Instagram declined to comment .

Pics or it didn’t happen

(Illustrated screenshots of Threads, via The Verge)

The Verge claims to have seen screenshots of the app, which may be a replacement for Direct. Direct was a previously in-development messaging app for Instagram that was canned in May this year. A replacement makes sense. Threads could be that replacement — that makes a little less sense. The reasoning behind sharing (vague) location info and even speed in addition to the typical stuff shared on Instagram is a little… nebulous. Which might be why the app is only in testing for now.

Users will be able to opt in to sharing sections of data automatically, if they wish, but Threads will also allow users to manually update statuses. Actual location info isn’t shared at the moment, with the app instead offering vaguer automatic updates. It’s not the smartest idea on the planet to constantly broadcast your current location, unless you’re piloting a 747. Then, we’re pretty sure that’s allowed. Messaging is the main focus of the app, with the increased sharing more of a side-idea.

Though the report is long on detail, the item missing is when we might see Threads in the real world. It’s possible that it won’t turn up, but also unlikely. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously said that the future of the company’s offerings is privacy-related. Threads fits that bill, even if it looks like Messenger or an upgraded WhatsApp status system but for Instagram users.

Source/Images: The Verge


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