How to get Spotify Premium for free for three months


Everyone likes free things. Well, most free things. We won’t queue up at a kiosk offering free smacks upside the head, for instance. This, thankfully, is a whole lot more pleasant. Spotify is offering new subscribers a lengthier unpaid period with Spotify Premium. Basically, you’ll get two extra months to decide whether you’re willing to drop 60 bucks a month for the service.

Just sign up

All you have to do is sign up for Premium. That’s it, really. That’s all you have to do to get three months of Spotify Premium. Head on over to the website, sign up for a Premium account, and your free trial will last three months instead of one. We’ve made more difficult phone calls.

T’s and C’s apply, obviously. The offer launches today and is valid for student and individual accounts. If, like one Stuff staffer who won’t be named, you first signed up yesterday (21 August), you’re stuck with just 30 days free access. Awww…

If you’re already a Spotify Premium user (or used to be) — if you’ve already had a free trial, basically — then you’re out of luck. New Premium subscribers are the only folks eligible for the whole ‘free 90 days of Spotify’ thing. The offer isn’t available on the Duo or Family options just yet — those will come later, though.

Once you’ve signed up for your ‘first’ free trial, you can head here to find out how to make the most of your time with Spotify Premium.


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