Instant Upgrades with the Nikon Z7


So you got yourself a shiny new Nikon Z7, and you’ve got some more cash burning a hole in your banking app. We’ve compiled the best gadgets you should get to compliment your hella schweet new Z7. 

First add these

Nikon FTZ Mount Adapter / R4,500

Already a Nikon convert? Your expensive F-Mount lenses risk gathering dust when you make the switch to mirrorless. Don’t let that happen – the FTZ Mount Adapter works seamlessly with any Nikkor glass and adds an extra element of smoothness to any lenses that don’t have built-in vibration reduction.

Manfrotto 057 Carbon Fibre Tripod / R20,300

This sturdy, lightweight tripod is the perfect accompaniment to your new featherweight kitbag (thanks, tiny Z7!). Extremely stable and with a rapid centre-column system for quick camera repositioning, it’s a superb item to lug into the wilderness for some serious nature captures. 

Peak Design Cuff Wrist Strap / R520

The Z7 is so small and light that it doesn’t really require a cumbersome neck strap to avoids clashes with the concrete. These neat, adjustable Peak Design units come with the marque’s clever rapid connection ‘anchor links’, which allow the strap to be removed or swapped with a neck sling.

Now try this

Have an eye for an ‘i’

Anyone with a DSLR will know that the various menu systems and shortcuts are heavily customisable, but this can all get a bit daunting. The little ‘i’ button on the rear of the Z7 pretty much houses all of the important settings for rapid access. Feel free to customise this for both video and stills photography by hitting Menu > Custom Setting Menu > Controls > f1.

Take a touch

The rear touchscreen on the latest Z7 is a clever little thing, but the default ‘touch shutter’ can be a tad annoying, because it will take a shot as soon as that crisp display senses a greasy digit. Instead, tap the little icon on the left of the screen to scroll through the various options. We like the ‘touch AF’ (autofocus), but feel free to switch it off completely if you hail from the old school.

Pull that tooth

Don’t let various connectivity settings eat into your battery life, which is a little measly on the Z7 at the best of times. Activating ‘Airplane Mode’ shuts off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which stops the camera searching for a connection. Of course, you can’t use a smartphone app to control the camera until you turn it on again, but it will preserve precious juice.

Control yourself 

All Z-series bodies have built-in Picture Control, which allows you to get creative and add jazzy Instagram-friendly filters to images through the camera’s own system. The professionals out there will probably baulk at this feature because shooting in RAW is the best way to ensure full control in edit, but it’s a neat feature for capturing quick social media snaps with a glossy finish.

Firm but fair

A new firmware release for both Z7 and Z6 bodies adds a new and improved eye-detection autofocus setting that cleverly locks on and follows a subject’s peepers to ensure they’re always sharp as a tack. It’s a brilliant feature for those shooting weddings or fashion photography, where the subject tends to move around a lot, so update that operating system for serious sharpness.

(Over)lay it down

Overlay Shooting allows two shots to be layered on top of one another, making it possible to ensure multiple exposure shots are in line and the subject is exactly where intended. To activate this, simply head to the Multiple Exposure menu in the camera and ensure Overlay Shooting is switched on. Marvel at the highly creative results that’ll inspire you to get out there and take more pictures.


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