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What are you still doing here? By now you should be at the front of the line at your nearest Checkers (or Woolies, whatever floats your trolley) ready to pay for the latest edition of Stuff Magazine. It’s hard to miss on the magazine stands — just look at it. If you’re stuck at work or don’t have a Checkers nearby, head to our subscriptions page and get 30% off one year’s worth of Stuff mags! Just because we like you, we’ll throw in a R75 off voucher at OneDayOnly. This is only valid for the September edition, so make like an EV and get there quickly without any emissions… Also, we’ve got a new editor, Brett Venter (feel free to cyberstalk him). 

Stuff has spent the past month or so putting a few of the readily available EVs in SA to the test. Which is why we decided to include a few of our faves into the September edition of Stuff. We also look at a few EVs that you can’t really get in SA (yet), but just look at that hot af Aston Martin Langonda on the cover. Okay, we know not everyone will have a spare R5,2 million for the Aston Martin… But the EV feature in the latest edition details everything from exorbitantly expensive EVs, to more affordable, toned down models — like the BMW i3. And what would an EV feature be without the trusty ol’ Smart car? As well as the luxuriously lovely Jaguar I-Pace. Ready your sharp-shooters, because Stuff has the ultimate camera feature in the September issue. Wanna take cute pics of your puppers? We gotchu. Leaning towards some professional bird photography? We gotchu. Looking to take some ‘arty’ pics of your Instagram model girlf? Say no more. In this month’s camera feature we’ve got something for every type of photographer, professional or otherwise. Even if you’re kitted out with a brand new Huawei Mate 20 Pro or Samsung Note 10, we believe the DSLR will live long and prosper. Not because we think smartphone cameras are lacking, but because these sharp-shooters can offer so much more. 

All New Mazda 3

With every new release, cars are leaning ever more towards being personal gadgets than just a mode of transport. In the spirit of our brilliant EV feature, we thought we’d put a good ol’ petrol-burner to the test. Check out our thoughts on the brand new Mazda 3 7th generation in the September issue. This one may be one of our favourite combustion car releases for the year so far, because of its looks, comfort and built-in tech. Check out the full review in the new issue. 

Think that’s it? The September issue is jam-packed with all the best tech and more. Look forward to our first look at the Sony A7R IV, its wireless earbuds, the Sony Xperia 1, a long-term test of the GoPro-killer DJI Osmo Action, and the nostalgia-clad iPod Touch. If you’re into something a little less techy, we’ve got upvoted backpacks (you have to put all those gadgets somewhere). If you still don’t know where to get your tech news, we’re stumped. Where, oh where can I get my tech-fix? Look no further, friends…Head over here to get your very own subscription and see for yourself.


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