Don’t expect to see Huawei’s Mate X folding smartphone before November


It’s not the first but hopefully, it’s the last. Huawei’s Mate X folding smartphone has suffered yet another delay, according to a report from TechRadar. Though it was slated for a September release this year, the Mate X has been pushed back even further. Don’t expect it to turn up in a place you can buy one any time before November 2019.

Even that date is a little ropey, according to the report, but Huawei seems to be confident that the Mate X will be out before the end of the year.

X marks the spot

Huawei didn’t give any reasons for the further delay. It’s possible the company is opting to delay the folding smartphone to further improve it, or it may be that Huawei is waiting for the outcome of its current trade issues with the States. It may also be that there’s another, unknown reason for the delay. If that’s the case, it’ll either leak or we’ll have an official update soon. Either way, we’ll update as soon as that info is available.

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We’re obviously hoping that the Mate X turns up sooner rather than later. Our time with the device left us wanting… well, more time with the device. Time that isn’t quite so rigidly controlled so we can actually see what it can do. If Huawei is indeed using the extra time to add a little extra polish, we won’t complain about that. The first generation of anything is fraught with just a little bit of peril, so anything done to set the bar higher will be very welcome.

Source: TechRadar


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