Not to be left out of the gloom, Facebook is testing Dark Mode for Android


You can already do it in Facebook Messenger, now it looks as though the mobile Facebook app is the next to take a ride on the Dark Mode train. A leak, spotted by a reliable app researcher, shows that Facebook has started implementing features that — when completed — will constitute a Dark Mode for the service. No more early-AM blindness when you’re checking up on those likes, eh? Instead, you’ll just worry about being blinded by your own awesomeness. Right?

In the Dark

Leaker Jane Wong spotted Facebook’s Dark Mode in the code for the social network’s Android app. According to Wong, Dark Mode appears to still be in the early stages so don’t expect an option to hit your smartphone any time soon. The area covered by the update (which features light text against a dark background) is limited to certain areas of Facebook’s app at the moment. With time, it’ll become an app-wide setting and that’s when we can expect to see it.

Dark modes have proved popular of late, with everyone from Apple to WhatsApp and even Twitter getting in on the fun. It makes sense that one of the largest services on the planet would make their presence known in the darkness as well. When will we see Facebook’s Dark Mode for real, though? That’s anyone’s guess.

Source: Jane M. Wong (blog) via The Next Web


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