Gather your pocket change, Samsung has launched its 98in 8K Q900RB TV


UPDATE: About that price… it’s not often we miss a zero but we did this time. It’s a million bucks for this one.

When we think of television screens, we think of items in our price range. You know, anything between R3,000 and R30,000, with the occasional expedition into fantasyland. That’s a TV that costs more than R50k, for those who have never taken the trip. But Samsung’s got something that will make you lament the fact that there’s no real 8K content anywhere yet — its shiny new 98in Q900RB television, launched this evening in Johannesburg.

We’ve been expecting you

Samsung’s 98in 8K TV has been on the way to SA for some time now. When the range first launched in South Africa, we didn’t have pricing for it. Now… we do. It’ll set you back R1,000,000 to take home the South Korean company’s 98in monster TV. That seems like a lot of money to make sure you’re the first to play with Microsoft’s newest console in 8K but okay.

But, based on what we saw this evening, it’ll be money well spent. Assuming you can afford to spend it in the first place. The TV packs in Samsung’s 8K Quantum Processor, which drives the 33 million pixels firing light at your face. The 7,680×4,320 resolution doesn’t hurt either, unless you fire up an old AVI from 2001 and see what a 600 x 400 video looks like on a screen that wasn’t even conceived of back then. The horror… though we hear good things about Samsung’s 8K AI Upscaling. Maybe it won’t be that traumatic… will it?

Never mind the flashbacks, though. What if you have a million rand just burning a hole in your pocket? You can head off and buy the Q900RB right now. Just… make sure you’ve already got a wall picked out for the panel to dominate, yeah?


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