Running on Harmony: Huawei’s first Harmony OS device is the Honor Vision smart TV


Huawei’s recently announced Harmony OS has finally made it to the screen of an upcoming device. No, it isn’t installed on a smartphone or any mobile-shaped device. Shortly after announcing its new multi-platform operating system, Huawei has launched the first devices running on Harmony, an Honor smart TV series named Honor Vision. 

It’s an Honor, Vision

The Honor Vision is a 55in 4K smart TV jam-packed with some nifty smart features. It features a pop-up camera that uses a Huawei neural processing unit (NPU) for facial recognition, body tracking and posture detection. We’re not quite convinced on that last one — but sure Honor, go ahead and fix those postures. 

It also features an image sharing platform that works via Wi-Fi, and is basically a smart home hub, like we’ve seen with many other smart TVs like those from Samsung and Skyworth

The Honor Vision is also equipped with Huawei’s Wi-Fi chipset that supports a download speed of up to 1.7Gbps, as well as the company’s Honghu 818 octa-core display chipset, which supports HDR, local dimming and noise reduction. There are also two Honor Vision variants, with the basic specs being the same — a 55in display with a 4K resolution, HDR and 2GB of RAM. The main differentiator here is storage space. There is a 16GB  version, and a 32GB version. Each comes at its own price. 

We don’t know much more about the Harmony interface itself, and whether the Honor Vision TV’s will make it to South Africa. We’ve reached out to Honor SA and will update accordingly. 

Source: The Verge and Honor on Twitter


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  1. Vuyani Ngabisa on

    Good day.
    When should we expect this gadget(Honor Vision Pro.) in South Africa?
    I’d love to own one.

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