Keeping your home safe with smart technology and MyPlace Africa’s MyLights


Your home should be your sanctuary. Therefore, you and your family should always feel safe and secure both inside and outside the house. However, with home burglary still a prominent issue in South Africa, many families are beginning to lose their peace of mind.

Experiencing one of largest crime increases across all categories in the latest South African According to the Police Service crime stats, house break-ins are ever-present across the country and need to be addressed immediately.

There are a host of tried and tested home security measures that we all know about, which can be taken to prevent the likelihood of your home being burgled.

  • Locking up and dead-bolting doors
  • Inserting a good old metal bar along the bottom tracks of doors and windows
  • Maintaining your garden and ensuring clear lines of sight
  • Installing an alarm system

We like to call these qualifiers – security measures that meet a certain safety standard. These measures were once the security status quo, however, as the world continues to change and evolve, so too should the way you go about keeping your home and family safe and secure.

Invest in Smart Lighting

It’s a fact – burglars want to remain unseen in the shadows and will avoid well-lit homes. Therefore installing a reliable smart lighting system will present more risk to any potential intruders and deter them from entering the home.

Managing visibility with scheduled lights, regardless of whether someone is home, is a great way to provide added security. That way, it’ll be harder to determine whether anyone is home or not, making intruders less likely to enter your home.

MyPlace Africa’s MyLights smart lighting system provides you total control over your lights so you can always arrive home safely according to your programmed preferences. With the MyPlace smartphone app, you can instantly turn on all your indoor and outdoor smart lights from the security of your bed. So if something goes bump in the middle of the night and you need to investigate, you’ll feel safer in a brightly lit home.

Smart lights are also a great option for when you’re not home, with MyLights giving you the power to control all the indoor and outdoor lights in your home remotely from the same smartphone app. Now you can take comfort in knowing you’re able to control your lights even when you’re on holiday on the other side of the world, so it looks like you’re home. That way, no one will ever suspect you’ve even left the house and you can enjoy some much needed R&R on your vacation.

If you want to feel safe, both inside and outside your home, have practical everyday benefits and feel magnificent at home, then the luxury of a smart home is worth spending on.


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