Apple could release a folding iPad by 2021 – report


Apple is famously tight-lipped about upcoming plans. So much so that we’re still in the dark about a few things: An Apple television, an Apple car, Apple’s VR plans… you get the idea. If it’s not a tablet, computer, watch, or smartphone, we’re not really sure what’s happening there. So take this next bit with a fistful of salt: Apple’s reportedly working on a folding iPad of its very own, according to a CNBC report.

The report cites a UBS survey of Apple users, one aimed at determining how many folks would be interested in a folding Apple device. The survey found that roughly a third of Apple users surveyed would be keen on some folding tech from the tech-maker. It also found that they’d be willing to pay between $400 (R6,100) and $500 (R7,600) more for just such folding tech. That’s on top of the device’s usual price, mind you.


UBS claims that Apple is actively working on folding tech as well, offering odds that instead of a folding iPhone, we’re likely to see a folding iPad first. CNBC‘s report says that Apple is “…steadily working on the technology”, adding that UBS reckons there’s a chance we might see it next year. It’s more likely, the firm believes, that we’ll see something in 2021 instead.

If Apple does enter the very fledgeling folding device market, it’ll have to contend with the likes of Samsung. UBS believes the South Korean company will drive “foldable adoption as a smartphones vendor”, in no small part thanks to its wealth of IP and patent filings concerning the tech. The survey also identified China as the country to watch when it comes to folding display uptake.

Of course, this all means very little until it appears during an Apple keynote or turns up in physical form somewhere Apple isn’t paying attention. Apple’s been paying a lot of attention of late, though. Particularly when it comes to its more… interesting ideas.

Source: CNBC


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