5 reasons you should own an Honor smartphone


Honor, a subdivision of Huawei, is here to stay. The company is actively making plans to launch new smartphones, both at home and globally. It’s going to take more than a collection of politicians to slow down the prime value choice in the smartphone world.

Whether you’re looking at a device with the best collection of features for the best price, something different in terms of style, or just the most high-tech features you can get your hands on, Honor’s smartphones have something to offer. Here are five reasons why your next smartphone should be made by Honor.

Cost of living decrease

Any conversation about Honor devices starts and ends at a single point: The price. Everything else feeds into the cost but South African users are typically all about the bottom line. There’s nobody denying that Honor’s smartphones offer impressive bang for buck but it’s the buck part that you’re going to want to keep your eye on. The Honor 10 Lite, priced at R249 per month on postpaid and R4499 for prepaid, sports a bunch of high-end specs, such as a 24MP camera with AI tech which helps you take professional photos, GPU Turbo 2.0 which makes video and gaming faster with no jitters, and plenty of other features that you have to normally pay more for. From Honor you get access to advanced tech already developed by the parent company.

Screen test

There’s one thing you really want from your smartphone – an excellent display. Why? Because that’s what you’re going to spend your day looking at, obvs. Honor’s displays are prime examples of budget screens (if you can even use that word) done right. The current headliner in South Africa, Honor’s 8X, sports a 6.5in IPS LCD display with a pixel density of 397ppi. You have to get mighty close before you detect a hint of a jagged edge on this bright panel. And the Honor 9X, the next flagship from the range to enter SA, keeps up the trend while offering users a 6.59in display size.

Going hard(ware)

But it’s not just a pretty face (even if it’s also that). Behind the outer edges, Honor’s devices draw on the research and development advances made by parent company Huawei. The Honor 10 Lite and 8X, both use Huawei’s HiSilicon Kirin 710 chipset, the same being used by Huawei’s P30 Lite and Y9 Prime 2019. That is a good example of cross-development working to Honor’s advantage, and there are many more examples out there. And for the upcoming Honor 9X, there are more high-end and exciting specs and features to come.

Friends in high places

Honor’s smartphones don’t just run well, they look amazing. The newest crop takes its cues from Huawei’s flagship range but they’ve all been injected with the fun, youthful style that Honor epitomises. Target users are… well, young, and stylish. The sort of folks who have forgotten more about social media than the early ‘gurus’ will ever learn. Bold colours, clean design lines, and an eye towards ergonomic usage are the main points on display here.

Eyes on the prize

Honor’s camera tech has been steadily improving, as new developments make their way through to the brand. The Honor 8X wasn’t Stuff’s Budget Smartphone of the Year for 2018 for nothing, after all. The Honor 10 Lite has a strong selfie camera featuring Huawei’s AI tech, making it an outstanding choice in that price bracket. Huawei’s P30 Pro is considered the best camera phone right now, but Honor 20 Pro (although not launched in South Africa market yet) makes a case for the brand by being the second best according to DXOMark. And the hits keep coming with the upcoming high-end Honor 9X.


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