Xiaomi’s planning a phone with a 108MP camera – yes, you read that correctly


There are plenty of phones that you can’t get in SA that feature a 48MP camera. Phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro, the Redmi Note 7, and the Honor View 20. But those are rookie numbers. Xiaomi has just announced that it’ll soon launch a phone with a ginormous 108MP camera.

At a briefing in China, the company said it will become the first manufacturer to use Samsung’s brand new 64MP ISOCELL sensor, for an upcoming Redmi smartphone. But then there’s also that upcoming 108MP sensor, information on which was revealed on Chinese social media. The maximum resolution of a photo from that sensor will be 12,032 x 9,024 pixels, according to a Weibo post featuring a Samsung watermark. 

On to slightly more sane numbers, Xiaomi’s upcoming Redmi phone will use a 64MP Samsung sensor. That’s the Samsung ISOCELL unit that, until now, we were pretty sure was the company’s latest in camera tech. Xiaomi’s 64MP monster-phone will be launching in India first, before the end of this year. We’re pretty sure the soon-to-be-launched Redmi Note 8 will sport the same Samsung sensor, so there’s a chance we could see it here soon.

We are getting to the point in smartphone cameras where features should outrank size. They say ‘size doesn’t matter’ and that goes double when it comes to megapixel counts. Bigger isn’t aways better. In Xiaomi’s case here, we’re guessing the presence of a 108MP camera sensor will be used as a marketing point rather than something truly practical. 

On the other hand, we’d love to be proven wrong in this case. And we would also love to play with one of these (once they launch in SA), to see how a 108MP sensor stacks up against more moderate sensors with added feature flex. We’ll have to wait and see. 

Source: Android Authority


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